Hitachi EX3600-7

Hitachi’s EX-7 series of excavators sets a new standard for the mining industry with its renowned design and innovative features. The Hitachi EX3600-7 mining excavator has emerged from a long line of predecessors, taking shape today as the best model of its class on the market. Mining operations with the EX3600-7 benefit from maximized efficiency, assured durability, and a seamless operator experience.

Hitachi EX3600-7
Hitachi EX3600-7

The Hitachi EX3600-7 is designed for sustainability

Hitachi’s energy optimization technologies are kinder to the planet and reduce consumption costs while achieving superior productivity.
The Hitachi EX3600-7 mining excavator features a selection of engine configurations to meet regulatory requirements, electronically controlled hydraulic pumps, an optimized cooling package, and enhanced hydraulic circuits for a sustainable solution that doesn’t compromise on performance.


Equipped with more than 100 years of technological innovation from Hitachi, Ltd. group companies, our EX-7 excavators are engineered to achieve more for your mine site.
The Hitachi EX3600-7 delivers exceptional around-the-clock performance while optimizing consumption, taking productivity to a new level.

Designed for SAFETY

Safety is Hitachi’s ultimate priority, realized in the EX-7 series of excavators with a range of intelligent safety-focused designs.
The Hitachi EX3600-7 mining excavator includes spacious walkways, improved handrails, and important safety features like an on-board inclinometer and dual isolator switch as standard.


The Hitachi EX3600-7 maximizes productivity by giving operators complete comfort and control in the cab. Features include ergonomic layout, electronic joysticks, intelligent Multi-Functional Display, advanced air suspension seating, and better climate control to make for effortless operation.


Hitachi’s EX-7 series of excavators are now easier and safer to maintain than ever before with an intuitive design. The Hitachi EX3600-7 mining excavator features a spacious modular layout with open passageways and work platforms to simplify daily upkeep and major component inspections.

Designed for DURABILITY

Hitachi’s EX-7 excavators have been built to withstand the harshest mining conditions while delivering outstanding productivity. Advanced computer modelling, specialized forgings, and pedestal design track shoes are just some of the features that make the Hitachi EX3600-7 one of the most durable excavators on the market.

Designed for RELIABILITY

Hitachi’s EX-7 series is loaded with intelligent features which minimize downtime and optimize excavator longevity. The Hitachi EX3600-7 mining excavator is meticulously designed to provide a reliable solution every hour of the day.


Hitachi’s EX-7 excavators are leading the mining industry toward smarter operations that can achieve more than ever before. On-board sensors, diagnostic tools, real-time data and intelligent software empower mine sites to operate the Hitachi EX3600-7 to its full potential.


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