Volvo Masters 2024, the SMT Africa teams are untouchable in the rankings!

The Volvo Masters competition is held every two years by Volvo Construction Equipment. SMT Africa teams monopolize the top of the rankings.

Volvo Masters 2024
Volvo Masters 2024

Volvo Masters 2024

The 2024 edition of the Volvo Masters competition began last April and will end in May 2024. This competition brings together teams of technicians from different Volvo Construction Equipment distributors in a confrontation of their resources, ingenuity and knowledge of the equipment they maintain.

Composed of 3 rounds, a regional final and a world final, it consists of a series of tests, questionnaires and problems to solve requiring a high level of competence and knowledge of the machines of the Volvo Construction Equipment range.

The technicians at SMT Africa, who never hesitate to take on a challenge and are always eager to demonstrate their competence and the quality of the support and maintenance they provide to our customers, have risen to the challenge of Volvo en masse: 132 participants in 31 teams took up the challenge.

The excellence of the SMT Africa technicians is well established and the results of the Volvo Masters competition speak for themselves: Of the 59 teams from across Africa, the SMT Africa teams occupy 10 of the 15 first places, even though the second round is not yet over. Of the five teams sharing 1st place, there are 4 SMT Africa teams, the Starwars team of SMT Ghana and the Eagles, Spartans and Vikings teams of SMT Nigeria. Only a point behind we can find a team from SMT DRC, one from SMT Senegal, two more from SMT Nigeria and two from SMT Ghana.

“We are extremely proud of this ranking, says Adrien Guebel, Head of After-Sales Training at SMT Africa. This is the result of years of work by our technicians to improve their training, improve their skills in order to bring the best level of support to our customers.”

The outstanding performance of SMT Africa’s teams at the Volvo Masters competition is a testament to the company’s continued commitment to training its technicians and its ongoing commitment to provide high-quality maintenance services. These results also reinforce SMT Africa’s reputation as a premium, reliable and competent distributor of Volvo Construction Equipment in Africa.

This success will allow SMT Africa to strengthen its relationship with Volvo Construction Equipment and strengthen its position as a trusted partner for customers looking for reliable and high quality maintenance solutions. SMT Africa’s teams will undoubtedly continue to push the boundaries of technical excellence, contributing to the advancement of the construction, mining and quarry industries in Africa.

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