Volvo FH Trucks

Some need to go even further, with ever higher loads. The Volvo FH truck range is the solution.

Volvo FH
Volvo FH

Volvo offers a truck that is more flexible, smarter and more efficient than ever. The ultimate long-distance transport experience. Adapt it to your needs and the distance you need to travel.

Do more for less effort

With a tandem axle installation with mechanical suspension, transport up to 38 tons with the Volvo FH while maintaining great manoeuvrability thanks to the increased axle steering angles and the Volvo Dynamic Steering function.

Lifting the tandem axl.ift a drive axle when you need it. It gives you the traction and load capacity of two axles, with the agility and energy efficiency of an axle.

Only room service is missing

Five different cabin sizes give you the space and comfort you need. The Volvo FH offers a large number of storage, up to two berths and materials, features and trim to a unique refinement. The berth is even adaptable to the edge of your parking.

Ready when you are

The durability of the Volvo FH is at the heart of its design. All components and materials are robust and allow you to never stop your business.


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