Volvo FM Trucks

For some tasks, speed and load capacity are not the only productivity factors. Volvo FM trucks range are the solution.

Volvo FM
Volvo FM

Volvo Trucks offers driver-centric vehicles, making it easy to do every detail. Do more, with less effort, in less time. We will help you adapt your vehicle to your needs and tasks.

Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road

The Volvo FM trucks are the embodiment of this maxim. The cab is fully optimized to be intuitive and adaptable in any situation. Most features are accessible from the steering wheel. All controls are located close to the driver for better ergonomics.

Optimize every drop of fuel

From the aerodynamic cab to the Volvo FM’s trucks powertrains and fleet management services, everything is designed to save fuel without reducing performance or productivity. Whatever level of power you choose, the Volvo FM trucks engine will get the maximum performance from every drop of fuel.

A workplace on wheels

The cab of the Volvo FM trucks offers a low driving position, allowing easy access and excellent visibility. Nevertheless, it offers space and comfort to the busy professional driver. It is also much easier to maneuver in narrow passages and crowded loading areas thanks to the Volvo Dynamic Steering system and the driven and trailed axles that offer large turning angles.


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