Volvo FMX Trucks

Some tasks need to be performed flexibly, even in difficult conditions. The Volvo FMX Trucks range is the solution.

Volvo FMX Trucks
Volvo FMX Trucks

Volvo Trucks offers robustly-designed vehicles for the toughest applications. It will make even the toughest missions much easier, whether on or off road. Adapt it to your needs and the conditions you face.

Don’t compromise

Volvo FMX trucks are robust and designed for tough environments. But that doesn’t come at the expense of comfort, safety or efficiency. The familiar yet innovative design offers enhanced driver safety and comfort while increasing productivity.

Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road

The Volvo FMX is the embodiment of this maxim. The cab is fully optimised to be intuitive and adaptable to any situation. Most functions are accessible from the steering wheel. All controls are located close to the driver for improved ergonomics.

The terrain is no longer an obstacle

Get the traction and ground clearance you need, when you need it. With the Automatic Traction System, the front axle drive is engaged only when needed, making the truck easier to manoeuvre and saving fuel at all times.
Volvo FMX trucks are built to take you all the way.

Innovation in service to the driver

The I-Shift automated gearbox changes gear at the right moment to make the most of engine power. What’s more, I-Shift driving modes are even easier to use.
The I-Shift automated gearbox with extra-low ratios lets you start easily with heavy loads, move off at extra-low speed and use fuel efficiently at high speeds. And the Powertronic transmission changes gear without any interruption to the power output.

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