Hitachi EX2000-7

The all-new Hitachi EX2000-7 mining crawler excavator is engineered to reduce fuel consumption and help operations go greener with a range of energy-efficient features while maintaining impressive productivity and reliability

Hitachi EX2000-7 mining
Hitachi EX2000-7 mining

Hitachi EX2000-7 is Designed for SUSTAINABILITY

The Hitachi EX2000-7 mining crawler excavators are built on the philosophy that machines shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance to be sustainable. This philosophy is evident in the Hitachi EX2000-7 with a range of cutting-edge features – including the new Cummins QST30-C engine – to help operations minimize costs and go greener without sacrificing performance.


The Hitachi EX2000-7 mining crawler excavator is engineered for productivity. The EX2000-7 features a power-focused design, including a larger bucket, to deliver consistently impressive output for mining operation.

Designed for SAFETY

Hitachi’s ultimate priority is always safety. That’s why the Hitachi EX2000-7 has a range of safety features, like spacious walkways, improved handrails and a dual isolator switch as standard, to make it one of the safest excavators in its class on the market.


Hitachi’s EX-7 series provides operators with a superior level of comfort. Electronic joysticks, an intelligent Multi-Functional Display, advanced air suspension seating, and improved climate control make operation of the Hitachi EX2000-7 mining crawler excavator effortless and productive.


Hitachi’s EX-7 series is designed to safeguard and simplify maintenance with its intuitive design. A modular arrangement with spacious passageways and work platforms makes the Hitachi EX2000-7 mining crawler excavator easy and safe to maintain.

Designed for DURABILITY

Hitachi’s EX-7 excavators are built to last under the toughest of conditions. Advanced computer modelling, specialized forgings, and specially designed track shoes are just some of the features that maximize longevity and contribute to a low cost per hour on the EX2000-7.

Designed for RELIABILITY

Evolving from years of operational experience and engineering excellence, the Hitachi EX-7 series of excavators continue to drive innovation in the mining industry. The EX2000-7 mining crawler excavator combines cutting-edge technologies with proven esigns for superior operation that can be counted on.


Hitachi is dedicated to the advancement of mining through digital innovation and connectivity. The EX2000-7 features extensive onboard sensors, diagnostic tools, and advanced software to deliver exceptional insights, empowering operations to achieve more in real time.


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