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SMT Ghana, spearheading the provision of robust construction equipment with top-rated SDLG equipment to boost Ghana’s construction industry.

After 63 years of Independence, Ghana is still facing situations as inadequate infrastructural facilities such as roads, housing and other amenities. Achieving rapid economic development needs with a total commitment to invest much in the construction industry drives the course to answer the chronic need for upgrades for roads, bridges, ports, railways and airports.

Construction equipment is considered a key component in the industry for the execution of various projects to boost the sector. Premium brands of construction equipment have dominated the high end of Ghana’s construction sector over the years, however, competition from value brands hare increasing a lot with China’s leading construction equipment manufacturer SDLG well positioned on the market now with its robustness and toughness.

SMT Ghana, official distributor of SDLG construction equipment in the country described these machines as reliable, hardworking, robust, cost-effective and easy to operate, fuel-efficient machines calculated to meet specific operational requirements.

Construction of Kumasi Airport

Ghana’s construction sector is currently reaping positives from the high productivity of the SDLG equipments from SMT Ghana. SDLG equipment is currently on-site at the ongoing expansion of the Kumasi Airport, a project being undertaken by the Ghanaian Government to transform Kumasi Airport into a full-fledged international airport. The airport has witnessed a steady rise in passenger traffic over recent years. The expansion will also serve the growing demand by adding capacity to serve international passengers.

SDLG construction equipment is used by the company Contracta and has played a pivotal role in ensuring minimum downtime and has contributed to the timely completion of the various phases. The SDLG wheel loaders, compactors and graders are currently doing the earthworks as part of the earth’s structure to get accessible roads under phase 2.

These machines are working efficiently hence the operators are not reporting many faults and there is less maintenance and lack of errors as well.

Mr. Fernando Colbano, Contracta Equipment Manager who is currently on-site at the Kumasi Airport, witnessed the robustness and efficiency of the SDLG equipment on site.

Generally, the machines are good and giving us the necessary support, we need to be able to execute our contract on time. We are also satisfied with the support we get from SMT Ghana Ltd. The response from them has been phenomenal so far. We hope for a better future ahead.
— Fernando Colbano - Contracta Equipment Manager

Local dealership

SMT Ghana has a rich history as the official distributor of Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Trucks and Volvo Penta in Ghana. Their customers can be assured of a much more trusted service with the SDLG equipment.

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After-sales support

Reliable parts are available as well as strong service support to keep the SDLG equipment working and earning. That’s why the SMT distribution network offers dependable, best-in-class parts and service support at a local level, backed by a global organisation committed to delivering to market expectations.

SDLG service engineers are specialists, trained to get the machine back to work as soon as possible. SMT carries an inventory of common replacement parts locally, which is supported by an efficient international parts supply chain. SDLG is working continuously to ensure that it continues to be best-in-class.