SMT Senegal | Client testimonial: CCBIT on their SDLG machines purchase

SMT Senegal | Client testimonial: CCBIT SMT Senegal | SDLG L956F Loader chargeuse SDLG machines

Mr. Thiaw, Managing Director at CCBIT talks about his SDLG machines purchase from SMT Senegal

The company CCBIT, better known as ETS NIASS THIAW, operates in the transport and quarries sectors, and is headquartered in Touba.

Mr. Thiaw came across SMT Senegal in 2015 while doing research because he had plans to purchase equipment.
One day, as he was passing in front of the SMT office, he took the opportunity to enter and visit, and started chatting with the salesman in service.

At the end of their conversation, Mr. Thiaw bought the first SDLG loader in Senegal.
Currently, he has three loaders out of a fleet of 11 SDLG machines. The first SDLG loader, a L956L, was purchased in 2016, the second, a L956F in 2019, while the last one (also L956F) was purchased just a few days ago.

The loaders take turns between the sand quarries and the phosphate quarries of the “Chemical Industries of Senegal” (ICS).

Our client has been in the business for over 18 years, so he knows a lot about machines and loaders. He finds the SDLG machines to be very efficient and can withstand well the heat, especially in the city of Touba (185 km from Dakar) where it is usually very hot. He doesn’t really have any complaints about the SDLG loaders; they are powerful and do the job very well.

In terms of fuel consumption, Mr. Thiaw finds that it is quite reasonable in comparison with the other brands he has in his fleet. His company is more productive thanks to the SDLG loaders because according to him these machines are also very fast.

It goes without saying that he plans to buy other machines from SMT Senegal. He intends to buy two more SDLG machines in the short term and two in the long term, if the activity allows; his ambition is to buy Volvo machines from SMT Senegal.

Mr. Thiaw is an excellent ambassador for the SDLG brand. Prospective buyers ask him for advice because he was the first one in the region to have it. His satisfaction encourages them to choose SDLG instead of going to the competition.

Regarding Mansour Cisse, the salesperson with whom Mr. Thiaw is in contact, he finds him excellent. It is thanks to him that Mr. Thiaw is and intends to remain a customer of SMT Senegal. According to our client, Mansour is always available, always there when he needs him.

I find that he is someone who has a lot of respect and who knows how to speak with the client
— Mr. Thiaw, Managing Director at CCBIT

Mr. Thiaw is happy to work with Mansour Cisse as well as with SMT Senegal.

We hope that this close collaboration will last for an infinite extent.

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