Not Just For Boys | Tania Nkodo

Discover the story of Tania Nkodo, Management Assistant at SMT Cameroon

The key to success is doing your work with a lot of love and loving what you do.
— Tania Nkodo, Management Assistant - SMT Cameroon

My name is Tania Nkodo, I am a Management Assistant at SMT Cameroon. It all started with an internship, then I signed a long-term contract which today allows me to manage human resources, assistantships and the office.

I am passionate about vehicles, cars, engines and it is always interesting to be able to make the difference in a world that is totally different from the field you were trained in. It’s the taste for new things that brings me to this industry.

My daily challenges at SMT are to be able to work efficiently, do things well and do them quickly. The question of legitimacy no longer arises at SMT, today women find their places, we have women in the aftersales department, we have women in administration. Each of them today are laying foundation for SMT to grow. The support I receive on a daily basis from SMT is teamwork, we help each other, whether at work or in an extra-professional setting. We are a team and we support each other in difficulties and learning.

The key to success for me is doing what you do with a lot of love and loving what you do. Three pieces of advice I can give to a young woman are to be self-confident, to be professionally curious and to have the spirit of a winner.

At SMT, you can find ourselves handling sales, aftersales or administration if you have the capacity and the necessary means to do so. For me, a value that is close to my heart is respect, professional respect, respect for work and respect for the effort made.