A Volvo Certification for SMT Ghana’s Rebuild Centre!

SMT Africa is very proud to announce that SMT Ghana’s Rebuild Centre is Volvo Certified for Volvo Construction Equipment articulated haulers, excavators and wheel Loaders.

SMT Ghana’s Rebuild Centre

Although the mining industry is blossoming, it’s an undeniable fact that it is capitally intensive as huge amounts of money are needed to invest in the venture in order to rake in the maximum revenue target. Among such investments is the purchase of equipment.

It is also worth mentioning that although the mining industry have a substantially higher range of yearly return on investment, investing in a mining company is not risk-free; the pros and cons have to be weighed before investing in it. With global economies facing a downturn in recent years, it is even more imperative for the mining industry to find pragmatic and strategic means of surviving and sustaining their huge investments in the business.

The SMT Ghana component Rebuild Centre is one of such novelty established with a Volvo Certified Rebuild Program for articulated haulers, excavators and wheel Loaders and equipped with the latest technology to provide customers with rebuilt machines that perform, look and feel brand new with limited resources to relieve customers of the stress of purchasing new machines.

Rebuild Centre
Rebuild Centre SMT Ghana

Component Rebuilding

A rebuild can involve a complete overhaul of your equipment effectively stripping it to its frame and replacing all wearable components, or it can be more targeted. Alternatives to a complete rebuild include a powertrain or specific component rebuild, or a “second life” rebuild a less extensive option that will add years of life to an aging machine.

As the official distributor of Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Buses and Volvo Penta in Ghana, SMT Ghana’s ultra-modern Rebuild Centre strives to bring relief to the customer by fulfilling his need for updated equipment for a fraction of the cost of new.

It offers services for complete machines, machine power trains, machine components, hydraulic system and commercial engine rebuilds restored by Volvo Certified Rebuild Program and equipped with the latest technology.

The facility, newly opened at the SMT Ghana head office on the Graphic road Accra is equipped with world-class tools to reach the highest standards, from dismantling and inspection, to testing and finishing. Our specialized team of engineers and rebuilding experts are trained to minimize customer costs while prolonging the lifecycle of every component. The latest technology and diagnostic tools help technicians disassemble assets effectively and safely, inspect worn out parts, replace them, reassemble and deliver a like-new product.

Using genuine Volvo Construction Equipment parts, we can breathe new life into older Volvo machines, with the reassurance that work has been completed by a Volvo Certified Rebuild company.

Rebuild Centre SMT Ghana
Rebuild Centre SMT Ghana

Certified Quality with SMT Rebuild Centre

SMT Ghana’s Rebuild Centre is Volvo Certified for Articulated Haulers, Excavators and Wheel Loaders. That allows us to assure quality standards in the rebuild process and offer a full Volvo warranty. It also guarantees downtime control, allowing you to plan machine restoration according to work schedule thanks to on-time delivery, empowering you to get back on track more efficiently in the newly rebuilt machine.

A range of flexible Volvo Certified Rebuild packages enables SMT Ghana to consider everything, from budget and machine status, to business objectives and applications, and tailor to you an offer that optimizes the value of your investment and get it to work as new.

“Component rebuilds are effective interventions that will deliver excellent long-term value by promoting improved efficiency and reliability in your fleet” Leonardo Aguiar, Technical Director at SMT Ghana, explains.

“Because they involve work on the most sensitive and precision-engineered parts of a machine, it is essential that any major component rebuild is completed in a high-tech environment, using sophisticated tools and trained staff who know how to achieve the best results.”

Alexandre Dutamby, Regional Managing Director SMT Ghana, confirmed the new technology and other improvements the rebuilding program has in stock, reiterating that rebuilding is an opportunity to add engineering upgrades and other advancements that will help your fleets run smarter and smoother.

“The SMT Ghana Component Rebuild Centre is a state-of-the-art, environment-friendly facility that helps us deliver the highest quality rebuild to you.”

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