The wheel loader SDLG L956F and the trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6x4 380hp showcased at the SMT Cameroon Open Day.

SMT Cameroon, a premium distributor and after-sales partner of construction, quarrying, passenger transport and truck equipment in Cameroon, recently held its successful "Open Day" on 11 May. The event featured a detailed exhibition of premium Chinese brands Dongfeng Trucks and SDLG, including the wheel loader SDLG L956F and the trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6x4 380hp, two well-established names in the construction machinery sector.

On May 11, 2023, SMT Cameroon organized its Open Day highlighting two renowned Chinese premium brands: Dongfeng Trucks and SDLG.
This event offered a privileged opportunity to discover the flagship equipment of these brands in the fields of transport and construction.

Among the featured products, the wheel loader SDLG L956F, equipped for the occasion with a log clamp in place of its bucket, as well as the powerful trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6×4 380hp, with the ADR (Dangerous Road Agreement) option for the transport of dangerous goods, were the protagonists of the day.

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The wheel loader SDLG L956F: unparalleled power with its log clamp.

wheel loader SDLG L956F + trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6x4 380ch + SMT Cameroon
wheel loader SDLG L956F + trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6x4 380ch + SMT Cameroon

The L956F SDLG loader is a true engineering feat. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the forest industry, this machine combines impressive lifting capacity with outstanding stability. Its special feature is its unique accessory: a log clamp specially designed to replace the traditional bucket.

Cameroon has about 22 million hectares of forests, or 46% of the country’s land area. 6.7 million hectares are mainly dedicated to wood production. Cameroon produces 3.5 million cubic meters of logs per year and forestry represents a significant part of the country’s growth.

In this context, an adaptable and reliable loader that can be easily equipped with accessories specifically designed for the Cameroonian environment such as the SDLG loader and its log clamp are essential.

The wheel loader SDLG L956F Log Clamp gives this machine many key advantages:

  • Increased efficiency. The wheel loader SDLG L956F offers precise handling of logs, reducing loading and unloading times thanks to the Log Clamp. This translates into increased productivity on forestry sites.
  • Enhanced security. The robust design of the log clamp ensures a firm grip on the logs, thus minimizing the risk of falls or accidents. Operators can work with confidence, knowing that they have a reliable and secure tool.
  • A great versatility. By replacing the standard bucket with a log cutter, the wheel loader SDLG L956F adapts to a variety of tasks, offering unparalleled flexibility on forestry sites.

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The excellence of the trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6x4 380hp for long distance transport and regional distribution.

wheel loader SDLG L956F + trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6x4 380ch + SMT Cameroon
wheel loader SDLG L956F + trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6x4 380ch + SMT Cameroon

Alongside the SDLG loader, the Open Day also highlighted the trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6×4 380hp, a powerful and versatile vehicle. With an optimal configuration for long-distance transport and regional distribution, this KC tractor can be equipped with ADR (Dangerous Road Agreement) for the transport of dangerous goods, making it an ideal choice for professionals in this sector.

This Dongfeng Trucks truck is designed for the African environment. Indeed, it adapts perfectly to the terrain thanks to the improvements that SMT has made. This KC 6×4 380hp tractor has been optimized with a reinforced steel bumper & headlight and radiator protection. the drive chain has a hub reduction and 12 front and 2 rear speeds. The chassis is equipped with a Jost 35T Harness increasing the total load weight and a ground clearance of 700mm.

ADR is a strict safety standard that guarantees the safe and regulated transportation of dangerous goods. Key features of the RDA include:

  • Two switch buttons to switch off the power supply. The first is integrated into the instrument panel, facilitating access from inside the vehicle, while the second is behind the cab, allowing an external emergency shutdown.
  • An insulated electrical wiring. To prevent any risk of fire or short circuit, the trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6×4 380hp is equipped with insulated electrical wiring that guarantees safe and reliable electrical conductivity.
  • Battery protection with a metal housing. The metal housing protects the battery from potential damage and ensures its smooth operation even in difficult conditions.

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Open Day: a success supported by key players

wheel loader SDLG L956F + trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6x4 380ch + SMT Cameroon
wheel loader SDLG L956F + trucks Dongfeng Trucks 6x4 380ch + SMT Cameroon

The Open House on May, 11th 2023 was a success, attracting many customers from the transport and construction sector. The Belgian Ambassador to Cameroon, Mr Eric Jacquemin, also honoured the occasion with his distinguished presence and generously supported the event. His presence testifies to the importance of the event for economic development and bilateral relations between Belgium and Cameroon.

“We are delighted with the success of our Open Day,” said Jérome Francois, Managing Director of SMT Cameroon. “This event has allowed us to showcase the best solutions available on the market and strengthen our commitment to serving our customers with the most efficient and reliable equipment. We sincerely thank the Belgian ambassador for his support and valuable contribution.’

The Open Day on 11 May 2023 was a unique opportunity to discover the Chinese premium brands Dongfeng Trucks and SDLG, and to highlight their exceptional products. The SDLG L956F loader with its log clamp delivers unparalleled power and versatility, while the ADR-equipped 6×4 380hp Dongfeng Trucks meets the stringent requirements of transporting dangerous goods. It was an event marked by the presence of enthusiastic customers and key personalities, highlighting the importance of these brands on the Cameroonian market.