Service Solutions Manager

Nathan Upchurch

I have worked at Volvo and SMT GB for nearly 20 years now.  

I began working at Volvo as a home based service engineer, working on a site in Devon for one of our customers. From there I progressed to a Product Specialist, and then finally to the role of Service Solutions Manager.  

The Service Solutions Manager role touches many areas of SMT, but mostly looks at how our service team deliver to our customers, ensuring that we have the right equipment and strategies in place to deliver industry leading service. 

There have been many times when working for SMT GB has been great fun and interesting. As an engineer I entered the master’s competition, which included trips abroad and times carrying out some great activities. I also have found myself down caves, and sleeping on a mountain top! Working on heavy plant also means that I have been to some amazing sites around the country, and places where you generally wouldn’t be able to go. 

Working for SMT GB has many benefits including a good pension, and healthcare cover to mention a few. The biggest factor is that the company has a ‘family’ feel about it – it is small enough to know many people who work here. People do tend to stay for a long time, so over the years you make some great friends. 

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