Machine attachments


Select from a range of original Volvo buckets made to work in harmony with your Volvo excavator. Buckets are available as direct fit or with Volvo quick coupler interfaces.


A Volvo excavator and bucket together with a factory fitted quick coupler and tiltrotator delivers the ultimate combination of high productivity, safety, precise control and reduced fuel consumption. Experience a new way of working and get the job done.


Volvo offers various screeds for the pavers to meet the specific needs of the customer. With the advanced DuoTamp High Density screed, very high compaction is achieved by the screed, reducing or even eliminating the need for rolling. The result is uniform compaction and optimum evenness of the placed pavement.

Loader buckets

A wide range of Loader buckets to be used in a large variety of soil conditions and for all rehandling, load & carry, leveling or tunneling jobs.


The stability of Volvo Wheeled loaders, the reach and parallel lift-arm action of the loader unit make them particularly suitable for work with fork attachments. For work in material handling yards, warehouses and harbors, Volvo provides the fork attachment for all needs.


All-round log grapple for handling and sorting short wood or tree length stems. Can also grip single stems.