Simulator Training

Manage skills, Monitor Progress

Reducing costs, while increasing productivity and safety, is a challenge that customers face every day. Reliable and efficient machines play an important part in achieving this, but it is the performance of the operator that really makes the difference.

Whether you need to hire, train or evaluate, with a Volvo Simulator you can do it all, and without needing to take a machine out of production. Volvo Simulators use the latest technology to take operator development to the next level.

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A Real World Experience, Minus The Cost

  • No production loss: your machines keep working
  • No wear and tear on real machines
  • No fuel consumption
  • No risk to site personnel or machinery
  • Whatever the weather, wherever you are
  • A single instructor can train multiple individuals

Virtual World, Real Benefits

Volvo Simulators look and behave just like real machines, combined with advanced features to support evaluation and development. By working with the very best tools, instructors are better equipped to help operators meet the high demands placed on them in today’s construction industry.

Take on your targets
Based on criteria including fuel efficiency, productivity, wear and tear and safety, the system gives operators a total score on each exercise they complete. Comparing scores between classmates, colleagues or training targets creates additional incentives for operators to achieve their full potential.

Instant feedback
Operators get real-time feedback on their performance through easy-to-understand graphs, which can focus on specific areas, for example fuel consumption and safety.

Authentic scenarios
Built using actual data from Volvo machines and equipped with authentic controls, Volvo Simulators accurately replicate specific workplace conditions, including site setup and fleet configuration.

Meaningful evaluation
Once an exercise is complete the system provides insights on operator performance and areas for improvement, through simple charts. Progress can be translated into a metric which most reflects the training objectives, such as money saving, productivity increases or reduction in emissions.

Tailor-made programmes
Instructors can choose between using a predefined programme or create a tailor-made path using the Operator Performance System.

Built-in tutorials
Built-in tutorials provide guided information to help operators improve at each exercise.

Efficient network
Connect multiple simulators to a single network, which can be monitored from a computer or mobile device using the Operator Performance System. Instructors can observe students and prepare training paths without needing to occupy a simulator.

Data analysis
Volvo Simulators track a multitude of data – such as RPM distribution and use of power boost – and come with a web interface to help analyse it. This powerful tool allows to easily evaluate performance and monitor the progress of an individual or group of operators. Data can also be exported for in-depth analysis.

What SMT Can Offer...

Individual Operator
With individual training we will be able to drill down into the operators operating techniques and advise accordingly. The simulator will provide insights of operating behaviour and allow the trainer to advise and improve their operation.

Group Operation
With Group Training all operators are given the same scenario to complete. By providing a level playing field we are able to identify existing best practice in the group as well as provide focused areas for individual improvement. This could be especially useful for a team of operators working on the same site so that productivity is maximised through targeted training. Group Training can also be used as part of the recruitment process, allowing you the ability to select the best operators for hire based on fresh, easily comparable data.

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