SMT GB Rebuild Options

Why replace when you can rebuild?

At SMT GB we believe rebuilding a machine should be your first port of call when looking into renewing your fleet.

At SMT GB we are proud to be able to offer a number of different options and solutions to fully satisfy our customers’ equipment needs. Whilst for some the purchase of a brand new Volvo is what is required, for others the ability to restore an existing machine’s performance at a fraction of the price, is the right decision.

Making the construction sector more sustainable is something that is becoming increasingly important, which is why, at SMT GB, we are working to help provide customers with more environmentally friendly and sustainable options when it comes to investing in their machines and future.

We are proud to offer Volvo Construction Equipment Electric Equipment, which offers zero tailpipe emissions and reduced noise pollution, but we understand that this type of machine will not suit every customer’s needs or budget. That is why we are putting an increased focus on the services we offer to rebuild machines and put them back to the best working conditions for our customers.

The benefits of rebuilding over a new machine

  • Carbon Output

During a rebuild no Scope 1-3 emissions are generated through manufacturing and parts production, making rebuilding an existing machine a considerably better choice for the environment.

  • Peace of Mind

Your rebuild will be carried out by highly certified and experienced SMT certified engineers. We provide a warranty on any rebuilds we complete, so you can get your machine back up and running quicker and easier than integrating a new model into your fleet.

  • Pricing

Rebuilding your machine can offer a lower cost option than purchasing a completely new machine. At SMT our fully comprehensive rebuilds can typically be priced between 60-65% of the cost of buying a new machine.

SMT GB Rebuild Options

In order to continue your fleets peak operating efficiency, we recommend looking into our rebuild options as your machines age. Our options consist of the below:

Full Volvo Certified Rebuild

Volvo Certified Rebuilds work best for older machines that require a full rebuild. Machines are typically transported to one of our Customer Support Centres where a full assessment is carried out by certified SMT engineers. Taking into consideration all major components, the machines working environment, a full chassis inspection and whether a respray is required, a plan can be created and agreed to prior to any work being carried out.

SMT Certified Rebuild

Offering the same level of quality assurance as the Volvo Certified Rebuild, the SMT rebuild comes in at an overall cheaper price. Instead of a complete rebuild , SMT certified engineers inspect the machine and build a plan around the parts most in need of repair, replacing or reconditioning. Targeted areas typically include the powertrain, transmission or engine, hence the lower price. 

Major Component Replacement

 The major component replacement option enables you to renew a part at a time, giving you the flexibility to schedule a rebuild over a certain period of time, rather than doing a big overhaul all in one go. This option ensures uptime is not affected and machines can be scheduled in for work at a time that suits you. Once work is completed, the machine is inspected by a certified SMT engineer and a detailed report of the completed work is presented with recommendations on what parts may need work in the future. 

Re-manufactured parts compared to new

One option we offer at SMT GB is the choice to do a major component replacement using re-manufactured parts. Below are some figures on re-manufactured parts compared to new parts, to show that they save both materials and energy, whilst reducing CO2 emissions.

  • For engines, Volvo reuse 60% original material and save 56% CO2 compared to a new engine.
  • Transmissions reuse 47% Material, and use 80% Less energy, whilst reducing CO2 by 32% compared to producing a new one.
  • Diesel Particulate Filters  reuse 85% Material, use 80%  less Energy and save 81% CO2 emissions.
  • Alternators reuse 98% Material, use 80% less energy and save 80% CO2 emissions compared to producing a new one.
  • Cylinder Heads reuse 60% material, use 80% Less energy, save 36% CO2 emissions.
  • Turbo chargers reuse 52% Material, save 80% Energy, save 9% CO2 emissions.
  • Air Compressors reuse 70% Material, use 80% less energy and save 53% CO2 emissions.

Reman parts reduce CO2 emissions compared to new parts production, making this a much more sustainable way to upgrade and boost your fleet without investing in brand new machines.

Please contact your Customer Support Representative if you have any further questions about rebuilds