K-Tec Scrapers

K-Tec’s mission is to be trusted with a commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, safety, and quality in everything that they do.

Over the past twenty-three years, K-Tec has been innovating the earthmoving industry. With an honest, humble, and willing demeanour, they strive to provide leading-edge earthmoving equipment for their customers to successfully and efficiently transform landscapes.

SMT GB are now responsible for the sales and after-market support for the K- Tec range of articulated scraper boxes in Great Britain.

A passion for new solutions birthed a new breed of pull pan scraper that utilized the extensive longevity and hauling capability of the articulated dump truck. Since its inception in 2007, the ADT construction scraper concept has been proven on mass excavation sites around the world. K-Tec Earthmoving Inc currently offer four sizes of scraper ranging from 21.5m³ heaped capacity and a payload of 30.8 tonnes up to the largest with a 48.1m³ heaped capacity and payload of 68.5 tonnes. The 1237 model is also available as a Train scraper.

Excavators, rock trucks and dozers have their place in an earthmoving fleet, but all too often they are used for jobs where a K-Tec scraper would far out perform them. With faster self-loading times, smooth unloads and less operating cost, the K-Tec ADT solution saves you time and money. With the comfort and ride that the Volvo ADT offers and the cushion ride control built into the K-Tec scraper, this makes for a very comfortable and operator friendly environment for the operator.

Quality machinery

  • K-Tec offers a 3 Year Structural Warranty on all of their scrapers and make sure that all of their scrapers undergo a 44-point quality control inspection before leaving their facility.
  • K-Tec scrapers are designed in 3D models and stress tested. K-Tec purchases world class materials to build solid scrapers from SSAB’s Hardox and Weldox steel. Due to the high-quality materials used in their products, even in the rigorous construction & mining industries, K-Tec’s average annually warranty claim rate is less than 1%.
  • K-Tec hires and retains welders who strive for quality workmanship to ensure that all their products reach their high standards before being sold.

Sustainability focused machine usage

  • For companies conscious about their Carbon Footprint, K-Tec can save you fuel usage and costs by pulling scrapers behind a single truck with a fuel consumption average of 14 GPH (53 LPH), instead of the need for the use of multiple machines to do the same workload.
  • The conversion from an ADT dumper body to a ADT scraper hauler takes approximately 10 hours with no modifications done to the dumper body, and can be reversed in the same amount of time to make this a very versatile earthmoving solution.
  • The longevity of machinery is considered as there are no permanent modifications made to the Articulated Dump Truck for the T-Tec scraper to be added. If at a later time contractors decide they want to sell the ADT, they can easily put the tipper body back on the truck.


  • K-Tec scrapers range from 28 cubic yards to 63 cubic yards
  • K-Tec scrapers weigh as little as 767lbs/cubic yard, through the advantages of high tensile steel
  • A larger size scraper increases the amount of dirt that can be moved
  • K-Tec has a broad range of model sizes to suit any substantial construction project

Ease of Operation

  • K-Tec scrapers have minimum maintenance, with 6 or less grease points.
  • Automatic Cushion Ride offers a smoother ride, and reduces damage to equipment
  • Short turning radius for responsive manoeuvrability
  • Flotation tires enable operation during muddy soil conditions
  • Large rack retains soil from falling out, offering a fuller heaped capacity
  • Low, large target for top loading and push loading possibilities
  • A minimum of 28” clearance from ground to cutting edge
  • Largest gate and throat opening in the industry, provides easy loading and unloading
  • The opening of the gate, angle of the cutting edge, the relief behind the cutting edge, and the shape of the bowl, all contribute to K-Tec scrapers being able to load up to an additional 50% more material in the same time as alternative brands
  • Ease of loading also plays a large factor when it comes to an average fuel consumption of only 12 to 18 Gallons Per Hour


  • K-Tec scrapers are able to load, transport, and then place the most amount of material per pass in a timely manner
  • K-Tec scrapers can carry up to 50% more material while being able to maintain equal cycle times while using a similar power unit
  • A scraper that carries over 50% more material will cost more, but your additional production will make up the capital cost difference and will ultimately make you more money
  • When K-Tec scrapers are matched with the correct power-unit for a specific jobsite, this results in an advantage over other earthmoving equipment

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