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Data can be a powerful way to improve the uptime of your fleet, but data overload can stand in the way of getting to the information that really matters. By combining multiple data sources, the SMT ProCare team can monitor and flag any potential issues, helping to reduce unplanned downtime and minimise repair costs.

With ProCare, SMT analysts monitor the health and performance of your machines remotely, creating bespoke recommendations if a machine intervention is required. This proactive approach helps to prevent breakdowns and leaves you more time to focus on your core operations.

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How It Works

  • Technically experienced analysts remotely monitor the health and performance of your machines
  • Multiple data sources are combined to identify hidden issues that together could potentially impact equipment productivity and performance
  • Tailored recommendations are sent out for review and are then followed up, if required, at a time that suits you

Turn Insight Into Action

Comprehensive data
SMT ProCare uses multiple data sources such as telematics, oil sampling, service inspection reports and equipment repair history to create comprehensive, tailored recommendations. Using our bespoke in house dashboard we are able to combine and optimise this information so that we can focus on machines needing the most urgent support, giving you the best advice for your fleet at the right time.

Technically experienced support
Our analysts are all technically trained and experienced. This allows them to advise you on whether they think your machine requires immediate action, or if the repair can be scheduled into your next service, thus streamlining tasks and reducing engineer visits.

A proactive approach
By monitoring and reviewing all of the available condition based data in combination we can identify hidden trends and indicators that may suggest a poor or worsening equipment condition. At the worst this may mean the risk of unscheduled downtime, at the best a less than optimum machine performance. Using these insights we can provide you with advice ahead of time allowing you to fully benefit from ‘Repair Before Failure’ opportunities and focus on your core operations.

Reduce cost & maximise productivity
We know that parts and service costs are a reality for any operation but by working closely with our ProCare team we believe we can help you minimise unnecessary spend. Wear and tear issues caused by poor operator practice are highlighted so that they can be addressed and rectified. The opportunity to catch problems before they lead to a full component failure ensures you reduce any avoidable outlays. Our analysts will ensure that they capture all issues on a machine at one time so that planned stoppage can also be minimised.

SMT ProCare Support

SMT ProCare support is included as standard on all machines covered by one of our Level 2: Enhance or Level 3: Optimise Customer Support Agreements (CSAs). For more information contact your local SMT representative.

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