CO2 Reduction Solutions

SMT is constantly developing solutions that work to support our customers on their journey towards net zero.

The Road To Net Zero

It’s not just about the equipment we use, It’s about efficiencies across sites and machines that help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

SMT are working to ensure that our customers sites are working as efficiently as possible so that when low carbon machines are introduced customers can choose the best option for themselves and the environment. Until that point, there are many ways we can help you to reduce your carbon footprint today.

Our world is changing, meaning that the demand for sustainable transportation solutions and infrastructure will continue to increase. Volvo Construction Equipment is committed to driving the transition to sustainable, safe, and more productive solutions, while making the journey to become a net-zero society.

Volvo, together with SMT are just at the start of their journey to build the world we want to live in. We believe in a sustainable future and we want to work together with our customers to explore new possibilities and technologies to drive change for a better tomorrow.

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CO2 Reduction Solutions


ProCare enables our dedicated SMT analysts to monitor the health and performance of your machines remotely, creating bespoke recommendations if machine intervention is required. This proactive approach helps to prevent breakdowns before they occur, leaving you more time to focus on your core operations. By monitoring condition-based data, hidden trends and indicators that may suggest a worsening in equipment condition can be identified before they cause lower efficiency, greater fuel use, and machine emissions.


From fuel consumption data to location and machine usage reports, CareTrack gives you access to a wealth of information, helping you to take actions that will have a noticeable impact on your business. CareTrack can help you to reduce fuel costs and emissions, optimise machine and operator performance and proactively manage service and maintenance to maximise uptime. Stay connected to your machines via remote monitoring with CareTrack from Volvo CE.

Site Simulation

With a shift towards digitalisation, Site Simulation utilises the latest survey technology to create highly accurate 3D models of your site. Machine performance and telematics data are incorporated into a 3D model and then combined with Volvo’s simulation software to analyse and optimise hauling operations and site productivity. This can help you gain insight into the projected CO2 emissions on your site, and how to reduce CO2 by optimising site traffic routes to work more sustainably.

Using Data For Insight


MySMT is our online customer platform that offers 24/7 access to SMT. Within the platform customers can manage and view all their SMT-related documents, information, and fleet details. By having full visibility of fleet information and reports, we can help our customers to set targets that will help them to meet their carbon reduction goals. MySMT also helps businesses identify if operator development is an area for development from fuel usage and productivity data.

Machine Reports

We are able to provide CO2 reduction reports by utilising machine data and white fuel figures within MySMT. MySMT also gives our customers insight into their machines’ operational
data and telematics to help them make informed decisions, and facilitate continuous fleet and operator improvements. SMT can help you to use the data visible within MySMT to target
key areas where action could lead to significant carbon and cost reduction for your business.

API Feeds

Gain an insight into your machine operation by having access to the rawest form of data available from your machine. The AEMP 2.0 API feed data we provide is ISO 15143-3 compliant, allowing the standardised data set to be directly integrated into your own personalised dashboard if desired. By accessing each machine’s data, comparisons can be made and action taken to benefit and optimise the entire site.

Operator Efficiency Solutions

SMT offers a range of Operator Efficiency Solutions to target individuals at different skill levels and needs. Investing in Operator performance can help your business to increase productivity and efficiency whilst reducing fuel usage and machine wear and tear.

The solutions we offer to support operator development are:

  • Advanced Operator Familiarisation
  • Advanced Operator Coaching
  • EcoOperator Programme
  • Simulation Training

With EcoOperator training from SMT, operators will learn how to get the most out of the machine and reduce fuel consumption, emissions and wear – for a more profitable and environmentally friendly operation for your business.

Smart Machinery

Electric Machines

The journey towards emission-free construction is underway. Volvo Construction Equipment electric machines have the power to change the way you do business. Get high performance delivered with less noise, fewer vibrations, and no exhaust fumes. A world without harmful emissions is a better world for all of us. It’s easy to find new opportunities with electric machines. They allow you to work in new places, at night, even in sensitive indoor environments. You get the work done while the competition sleeps.

Hybrid Machines

Volvo’s hydraulic-hybrid technology harvests ‘free’ energy generated by the down motion of the excavator’s boom. The motion charges a hydraulic accumulator, which then stores and delivers energy when needed. The Hybrid models involve no compromise in ability, levels of controllability or performance, including being able to work in ECO mode and Hybrid mode simultaneously. The extra energy boost helps take load off the engine, delivering improved fuel efficiency of up to 17% and up to 15% less CO2 emissions.


Unicontrol offers a flexible, reliable, and simple 3D machine control system for any brand of excavator and wheeled loader. With user-friendly technology, the workday becomes much
easier for the operator, and quality assurance is faster and more accurate. Unicontrol3D helps to save resources by delivering exact data for excavation, bringing new levels of productivity, efficiency, and precision thanks to data being stored within the Unicontrol cloud for easier access.

Volvo Co-Pilot

Volvo Co-Pilot is a state-of-the-art touchscreen tablet that powers all Volvo Assist platforms, using onboard machine data and high-precision sensors to easily complete tasks in less time.
Simple and intuitive, the operator can set up projects in just a few touches by selecting the required job parameters. The operator can then monitor the progress of the job as it gets underway and stay safe, with on-screen alerts that indicate when pre-set parameters are met.

Circular Economy

Used Equipment & Parts

When buying a Volvo Approved Used machine or used parts from SMT, you can be sure that you are receiving the highest standard possible. All machines are meticulously inspected by SMT engineers and any mechanical repairs are carried out on-site at our dedicated facility. Investing in used machinery and parts removes scope 1-3 emissions that are usually created in the manufacturing and parts production process, and extends the lifetime of the machine or part before it becomes waste.

Machine Rebuilds

Making the construction sector more sustainable is something that is becoming increasingly important. SMT is working to help provide customers with more environmentally friendly and sustainable options to invest in for their machines and future. During a machine rebuild, there are no Scope 1-3 emissions being generated through manufacturing and parts production, making rebuilding an existing machine a considerably better choice for the environment. Another option is a major component replacement using remanufactured parts, this save both materials and energy.

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