Connected Support

Utilising cutting-edge mobile data technology, Connected Support ensures that machines, fleets and their managers are kept in constant contact.

SMT Connected Support is a data subscription and remote support service, allowing customers to connect their machines to digital solutions. Connected Support maximises the benefits of Co-pilot apps by seamlessly sharing real-time productivity and utilisation data.

Connected Support works to benefit Operators and Project Management by employing IoT roaming. Machines equipped with Connected Support are kept in constant two-way contact with the cloud via the strongest available network to their current position, allowing data to be seamlessly collected and shared for analysis.

By connecting to the strongest network available, Connected Support removes the risk of poor signal, reducing the loss of real-time data insight and allowing the customer to view up to date project data. The reliability of Co-Pilot Apps is increased as the machines software is updated regularly by remote support whilst being connected to the strongest network.

Flexible data plans are available to suit the customer, with a choice of 12 or 36 month contracts. Connected support can also be tailored to the specific requirements of a customer, for example the data size needed, with plans for 1GB or 5GB allowance.

Subscriptions for Connected Support include dedicated remote support from SMT specialists to ensure a customer’s needs are met and that assets and sites are connected. This remote support ensures actionable insight is being communicated between SMT specialists and the customer.

Connected Support is proactively monitored by SMT for end dates, which allows customers to receive notifications about their subscriptions and plan ahead, reducing downtime of Connected Support Services for their machines. Remote support from SMT allows Connected Support to be renewed remotely if the customer instructs and the machine has a SIM card still in place.

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