Demolition equipment


Operating weight
103,028 kg
Gross power
393.0 kW
Max. allowable tool weight
3,600 kg

Designed, built and supported by Volvo

With pin reach capabilities stretching all the way from 36 m above ground to 10 m below ground, the Stage V compliant EC750E HR is a heavy duty multi-use demolition excavator that has exceptional performance and safety at its core.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo EC750E HR

The Volvo-designed high-reach demolition machines are produced in Volvo’s industry-leading manufacturing facilities and are fully supported by Volvo’s global service and parts network – increasing machine uptime.

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1 . Falling object guard

Volvo high reach excavators are built to ensure maximum safety in all demolition applications. A sturdy frame and cab offer ultimate protection against the falling debris that is common in demolition projects, and a wide, clear view of the jobsite provides excellent visibility for enhanced safety.

2 . Multi-use demolition excavator

The hydraulic modular joint uses a hydraulic lock mechanism to release digging equipment and change from high reach to backhoe configuration.

3 . High visibility cab

These high reach excavators are equipped with a Volvo cab that has been designed to offer industryleading levels of comfort. A high visibility cab and carefully placed cameras ensure operators have a clear view of the jobsite at all times, for the ultimate safe, productive working environment.

4 . Volvo patented modular boom system

These Volvo high reach excavators are a versatile addition to your demolition fleet. Compatible with a wide range of Volvo attachments and built to work both a variety of boom types, these machines are the ideal partner for all demolition projects.

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