Wheeled excavators


Operating weight
22,100 kg
Gross power
129 kW

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Purpose built for waste and recycling

For decades, Volvo wheeled excavators have proven themselves to be multi-purpose and reliable machines. Built on the success of the EW240E Material Handler comes its smaller counterpart, the EW200E Material Handler. The material handlers are designed and manufactured in our Volvo factory in Germany and are specifically engineered to deliver outstanding results in waste and recycling applications.

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Far ahead of its competition

Highlights of the Volvo EW200E Material Handler

Optimise machine uptime and the profitability of your business with Volvo material handlers, rigorously tested and proven to withstand the test of time. Built on experience, this machine will always perform dependably, keeping productivity and uptime to a maximum.

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1 . Versatility

From waste handling to scrap sorting, maximise your machine’s productivity with a range of durable grapples – available to you through the Volvo factory. For enhanced ease of operation, auxiliary lines are factory-installed and the Attachment Management System can store settings for up to 20 different attachments.

2 . Power up, fuel down

Move more with less. The powerful Volvo engine delivers 129 kW (173 hp) and is equipped with auto idle and auto engine shutdown functions, to reduce fuel consumption. ECO mode turns on automatically to maintain productivity and increase fuel efficiency.

3 . Comfort Drive Control

Comfort Drive Control lets operators control the machine using only the joystick, up to 19km/h (11.8 mph). What’s more the machine is available without the steering column, to further boost visibility.

4 . Proven Volvo Quality

Lift with precision using the specially-designed boom and arm. The boom cylinder dampening minimises shaking and holds the grapple in place, for enhanced stability. The machine is equipped with an adjustable arm-in limitation, designed to prevent collision between the cab and the grapple. The height limitation function provides further safety when working indoors.

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