Wheeled excavators


Operating weight
12,900 - 14,400 kg
Gross power
90 kW

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Top of the class

The EWR130E wheeled excavator is designed to set new standards in the market when it comes to powerful machine  performance in an unbeatably compact package. This multipurpose 12-13t machine can work in tight urban spaces, move quickly through infrastructure projects, and has a light enough footprint for landscaping. Wherever you are working, count on the EWR130E to help your project succeed.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo EWR130E

Take on jobs that a conventional excavator cannot with the EWR130E. With a new boom and arm design, the machine features the shortest rear (1.55m) and front (1.81m) swing radius on the market, providing enhanced safety and comfort when working in confined spaces. A low machine height, combined with optimised tie-down points on the lower frame, makes easy work of machine transportation.

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1 . Unrivalled lifting capacity

The EWR130E boasts a considerably lower center of gravity compared to equivalent machines, resulting in unbeatable stability. The fixed mounted boom, with no pivot, enables lifting up to 4.3t at 6-meter reach.

2 . Made to manoeuvre

Increase machine flexibility with a choice of steering modes, easily selected from the cab using the rotary switch. The optional 4-wheel steering system reduces the turning radius.

3 . Divided blades

Additional divided blades create opportunities for the operator to level the machine in a wider variety of locations such as sidewalks and uneven ground.

4 . The operator’s choice

While the machine may be compact, the EWR130E cab is the same as on the larger wheeled excavators, delivering all the spaciousness and all-around visibility you would expect from Volvo.

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