Rigid haulers


Gross power
567 kW
Payload capacity
65,000 kg
Body volume
41.5 m³

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Perfect balance of high productivity and low cost of operations

Big on productivity but low on cost of operation, the all-new Volvo R70D rigid hauler delivers outstanding performance, efficiency, reliability and safety in all mining and quarrying applications.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo R70D

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1 . Designed for distance

Achieve unbeatable long-term value with uptime-enhancing components, such as the transmission retarder. The standard feature reduces the machine's speed, eliminating any unnecessary use of the service brakes. As a result, the life of the primary braking system is extended, enhancing overall machine availability.

2 . No compromises on comfort

At Volvo, we believe that a comfortable operator equals a happy operator. That's why we've designed the Volvo cab with convenient and responsive features. The steering accumulator provides uniform steering regardless of engine speed. Customize your comfort with the HVAC feature and operate confidently using light controls that fall easy to hand.

3 . Built for the long haul

Access more uptime with the strong and reliable D-Series rigid dump trucks. The simple and uncomplicated machine design is durably designed to meet the demands of tough job site conditions. Built with industry-leading components and supported by the exclusive Volvo dealer network, the next-generation rigid dump trucks are proven to achieve unparalleled uptime.

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