Smart Thinking From Staff Member Leads to Significant Cost and Waste Savings for SMT

Continuing on from the progress made by the Duxford Warehouse to work in a less wasteful way, Immingham MPC have recently installed a new AdBlue bulk storage tank.

Installed after a recommendation was made by Quality Engineer Tim Bond, the new addition to the MPC comes with a whole host of both waste and cost savings.

Before the installation of the new bulk storage tank, Immingham was being supplied with AdBlue in 10 litre plastic containers. As the site gets through roughly 33,330 litres of AdBlue per year, this meant that 3,330 plastic containers were having to be delivered and disposed of annually.

Following the installation of the bulk storage tank, the number of deliveries required to meet Immingham’s AdBlue demand have plummeted. What used to be at least 26 deliveries of Ad-blue is now just 6 per year.

A dispenser attached to the bulk storage tank has also now greatly reduced the spill hazard and time spent by the engineers to fill machines and the area previously used to store the 10 litre plastic containers has now been freed up for more useful purposes.

Lastly, thanks to the success of the AdBlue bulk storage tank installation, a 205 litre hydraulic oil drum and dispenser has also been installed at Immingham, to test the practicalities of storing other fluids in bulk.

All of these benefits came about purely through a recommendation made by one member of staff, who saw an opportunity to improve the way he and his colleagues work.

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