SMT GB proudly announces the launch of Connected Support

Utilising cutting-edge mobile data technology, Connected Support ensures that machines, fleets and their managers are kept in constant contact

By employing IoT roaming, machines equipped with Connected Support are kept in constant two-way contact with the cloud via the strongest available network to their current position.

Not only does this remove the risk of poor signal causing the loss of real time data insight, but also improves the reliability of Co-Pilot apps and ensures that the machine’s software is kept constantly up to date, ensuring that the customer is able to get the most out of their machine at all times.

Available with a choice of 12 or 36 month contracts, and with data allowances of 1Gb or 5GB, Connected Support can be tailored to the specific requirements of a customer.

Connect Support subscriptions include dedicated remote support from SMT specialists to help customers ensure assets and sites are connected and actionable insight is being communicated.

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Marketing & Communications Officer
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PR Support
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