Top 3 reasons to purchase a used Volvo machine

Purchasing used equipment is a great way to compliment your fleet. Feel confident in your decision based on three important Volvo guarantees.

1. Volvo machines are reliable

A top priority for product specialists when creating Volvo machines is their reliability. With Region EMEA’s focus of achieving the number one position in uptime, safety, and total cost of ownership, machine reliability is an important component. Used machines don’t compromise on reliability, thanks to Volvo’s new warranty guidelines and fully certified machine inspections. Used machines are tested and reconditioned using Genuine Volvo Parts before going back to market. Rolled out in Bauma 2019, every used Volvo machine in EMEA will feature an ‘Approved Used Equipment’ sticker once passed through inspection, so a customer is reassured that the machine is satisfactory.

2. Volvo offers a warranty on used machines

Volvo offers a warranty on all used machines, providing customers with the peace of mind to boost their confidence when purchasing used equipment. Volvo took approximately two and a half years together with its global warranty team to perfect offers to meet customer demands. Each used equipment warranty package is dependent on machine hours. Volvo dealer Swecon Sweden, for example, recently sold three A40G used machines to a customer who bought the package as it was able to offer full warranty for all three machines.

3. Volvo machines maintain value

As well as warranty, Volvo dealers put service agreements in place for customers purchasing a used Volvo machine to secure high value. Volvo continuously strives to design machines that will hold high resale value thanks to their quality. In fact, in the Americas, Equipment Watch awarded the EC35 series and EC350 excavator series with the Highest Retained Value Award in their respective categories, mini excavators and medium-sized crawlers.

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