Oil Sampling

Oil Analysis is a remarkably effective way of diagnosing potential problems in your machine. A sample of oil is taken from your machine and sent to a specialist laboratory, where it is analysed for a wide range of trace elements, so that a diagnosis can be made.

Oil Analysis can be used very effectively on engines, axles, transmissions, drop boxes and hydraulics; but the same processes also work with coolant and fuel. Acting on a diagnosis will allow you to plan for a minor repair to the machine now rather than risk an unexpected major repair later.

How does it work?

Sampling – The necessary samples are taken, and sent to one of the specialist laboratories.

Analysis – Using advanced diagnostic equipment, our specialists analyse the samples and collect a vast amount of information from which they are able to draw conclusions about the health of your machine and the hidden state of its components.

Diagnosis – A thorough diagnosis is made available to you immediately online. The diagnosis also includes recommendations for actions that need to to be done to your machine

Oil Sampling Documents

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