Crawler excavators

EC300E Hybrid

Operating weight
29,300 - 32,700 kg
Gross power
180 kW
Bucket capacity
0.55 - 2.06 m³

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Cleaner and Greener - The EC300E Hybrid reduces CO₂ emissions by 10 to 12% making it a more environmentally respectful choice, especially when working in built-up areas.

The EC300E Hybrid machine provides the same levels of controllability and performance you would expect from an equivalent conventional machine, but with a 12% up to 17% fuel efficiency improvement dependent on application.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo EC300E Hybrid

When working in dig and dump applications, the EC300E Hybrid is a straightforward solution with big payback. Save fuel, lower emissions and boost the profitability of your operation.

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1 . Bolt-on wear plates

From quarries to mass excavation, this heavy-duty production machine has been built to work on tough job sites. Featuring a robust, reinforced structure and high quality welding, the EC300E boasts superior strength and durability. Experience reliability you can count on with Volvo.

2 . HMI

It's a fact that operators work more efficiently when they're given the best tools for the job. That's why, on top of being a superior production machine, the EC300E has an ergonomic design with ideally placed controls and switches. With built in comfort and optimized control, operators will work efficiently and productively all day long.

3 . ECO-gauge

Eco-gauge is an added gauge bar that indicates momentary fuel consumption and can be reset through the display monitor. This will track fuel consumption under different applications.

4 . Hydraulic Accumulators

Stored hydraulic oil in the accumulators, coming from the boom down motion, drives an assist hydraulic motor to support the hydraulic pump and engine. The solution uses simple and unique hybrid technology. It is easy to maintain and repair compared to competitor electric hybrid excavators.

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