Volvo Active Control

Making the grade has never been easier

Volvo Active Control automates boom and bucket movements, making the digging process more efficient and more accurate, with less effort. Simply set the grade, push the button and get the work done – all controlled using a single lever.

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Precision digging, every time

Double your productivity
45% faster than traditional grading.

Twice the accuracy
Get it right the first time.

Increased safety
Removes the need for bystanders to perform grade checks. Enables virtual fences to be set when operating in confined environments.

Assist and protect features

Automated grading
Boom and bucket movements are automatically adjusted to maintain an even grade. With single-lever grading, your left hand controls the arm speed, while your right hand takes a break.

Swing control
Allows to pre-program the location of the trench and pile, to assist in digging and truck loading. Can be overridden with the joystick.

Bucket angle control with return to dig
Automated bucket adjustments maintain a constant cutting angle.

Tilt bucket control
Digging a V-shaped ditch is made easy with automated tilt bucket control.

Depth limit
Prevents the bucket tip going beneath a pre-set depth, to avoid contact with underground hazards, such as pipes and cables.

Height limit
Prevents the boom and bucket from going above a pre-set elevation, to avoid overhead obstacles such as power lines.

Swing fence
Prevents the swing exceeding pre-set limits, to avoid contact with side obstacles. Cannot be overridden with the joystick.

How it works

Volvo Active Control is a steer-by-wire solution, combined with Volvo’s new electro-hydraulic control system, as well as Volvo Co-Pilot.

Volvo reliability
Engineered, manufactured and installed entirely by Volvo.

Faster servicing, more uptime
No hydraulic pilot lines.

Volvo Active Control is linked to Volvo Co-Pilot, making it easy to program the shapes you want to dig, and even change the control pattern from inside the cab.

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