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Shop for parts online through our new webshop in MySMT

Shop for all the parts you need online, 24/7, with our new online parts webshop in MySMT – our online customer portal.

Its now easier than ever to shop for the parts you need wherever you are, as you can access our online portal from any device with WiFi connection, meaning you can shop from your phone, laptop or tablet.

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MySMT's online parts webshop enables customers to...

  • Shop for parts faster using previous orders to assist with finding the correct pieces for your machine.
  • Use technical drawings to check that the parts being ordered are the right pieces needed to fix the issue.
  • Upload parts numbers in a list to make longer parts orders or repeat orders quicker.

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Parts is just one section of MySMT, there is also Fleet and Company areas within the portal. These areas allow you to access documents and data from your machines.

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