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1263 ADT Scraper

A mover of millions, built for the biggest earthmoving projects.

K-Tec’s 1263 ADT is the World’s Largest Pull-Pan Scraper. This mega scraper is a mover of millions, made for niche long haul massive earthmoving projects.  The ultra-high capacity 1263ADT scraper’s bolt-together design allows for simple maintenance and affordable international container shipping. The standard roller push block on the back of the scraper is smoothly matched for push support loading for swift cycle times of the 63 Cubic Yard heaped capacity scraper.

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Transform your ADT into an efficient Scraper Hauler

Highlights of the 1263 ADT Scraper

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1 . Comfort Ride

K-Tec's 1263 ADT Scraper is built with both the machine and operator in mind. Cushioning is built in so you experience a smoother ride and reduce wear to the equipment through full suspension over uneven and tricky ground conditions.

2 . ISO Certification

K-Tec holds the highest operating standards with an ISO 9001:2015 certification, so you can be assured that the product you are investing in is quality assured. K-Tec drives continual improvement for their products using the highest quality materials to make durable and powerful machinery.

3 . Weight Transfer

The ADT gooseneck transfers 30% weight to the Articulated Dump Truck, guaranteeing pressure is put through reinforced and strengthened points for the longevity and maintenance of your machine.

4 . Built for ease

K-Tec scrapers feature a tiltable rack on top to make loading easier and quicker to reach the intended heaped capacity. They are also fitted with a rear push block for perfect push loading, increasing cycle times.

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