Crawler excavators

EC230 Electric

Operating weight
23,000 - 26,100 kg
Battery capacity
264 kWh
Bucket capacity
0.48 - 1.44 m³

EC230 Electric

The EC230 Electric is built on the proven technology of the Volvo crawler excavator and combines all the power with the additional benefits that come from going electric. With EC230 Electric operators will benefit from low noise and lower vibration, more responsive hydraulics due to the electric motor. It leads to a better place to work, both in-cab and on site.

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Far ahead of the competition
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1 . Clean and comfortable

Experience a better place to work, both in-cab and on site, due to the significant reduction in noise, dust, vibration and heat. The EC230 Electric is a more responsive machine and being electric means an absence of exhaust fumes. These factors are helping operators and site workers to remain alert and productive throughout the working day.

2 . Electric is smart business

A move to an electric machine can reduce energy-related costs thanks to the more cost-effective nature of electricity as a power source compared to fuel. What’s more, the electric motor is around 99% efficient and no energy is used when the machine is not moving and working, saving on energy consumption and wear.

3 . Get the complete solution

No need to refuel and boasting outstanding levels of operator comfort, lower maintenance costs compared to a diesel alternative – this is a machine designed to have an electric impact on your bottom line.  Customers can get the same productivity or even better than with the EC220.

4 . Proven Volvo solution

The EC230 Electric uses the same battery and motor as trucks. We are not trying a new solution, we are using tried and tested technology that already exists in the Volvo group. The trucks have been using the battery and motor for many years, proving them to be strong and reliable. At Volvo we think about the entire solution and are therefore not only providing the machine but also the charger and the container/power bank. Only Volvo can provide a power bank this size. This allows you to get started with minimal effort.

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