Compact excavators

ECR18 Electric

Operating weight
1,790 - 1,870 kg
Battery capacity
16 kWh
Basic width
995 - 1,352 m

ECR18 Electric

Introducing the ECR18 Electric, a new addition to the range of Volvo electric machines, helping you work in a more sustainable, efficient and peaceful way. Combining all the proven success of both the conventional ECR18 and ECR25 Electric, the 1.8t class excavator delivers the ultimate in robustness and ease of operation.

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Far ahead of the competition
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1 . Go where other cant

The ECR18 Electric boasts both low noise and zero-tailpipe emissions, creating new opportunities for your business. Operate in noise sensitive areas and out of standard hours, as well as on low-carbon projects and indoors, without the need for costly fume extraction systems or being restricted by operator time limits.

2 . Unrivalled operator experience

The Volvo ECR18 Electric provides a spacious and uncluttered cab, ergonomic and intuitive controls, unrivalled combined movements as well as best-in-class stability. What’s more, with the electric concept operators benefit from low noise and vibration, more responsive hydraulics due to the immediate torque, and a range of customizable settings to adapt machine behavior according to the type of work and operator preference. Auxiliary hydraulic flows and joystick responsiveness are easily adjusted from the user-friendly interface.

3 . Small but tough

The ultra-short tail radius of the ECR18 Electric, along with the frame corner, swing post and cylinder which stay safely within the tracks’ width, provide maximum versatility, visibility and reduced risk of machine damage when digging alongside obstacles. ​​Protection has been considered throughout every detail of the design with a unique high-profile counterweight made from strong cast iron which wraps around the rear of the machine, combined with all-around steel panels and hoses routed inside the boom.

4 . Enhance your working conditions

Step into the world-class operator environment for which Volvo is renowned, including large entrance, superior visibility and comfort levels, further enhanced thanks to a dramatic reduction in noise, vibration and heat, and no exhaust fumes. This all contributes towards a quieter and cleaner jobsite, improving communication and working conditions for all personnel.

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