Compact wheeled loaders

L20 Electric

Operating weight
4,550 kg
Battery capacity
33 kWh
Bucket capacity
0.8 m³

L20 Electric

Introducing the Volvo L20 Electric Compact Wheel Loader, the latest addition to our ever-growing portfolio of electric machines, delivering the ultimate in sustainable, efficient and low-noise performance. Based on the proven concept of the larger L25 Electric, the L20 Electric is specifically designed for applications which require a 0.8m3 bucket capacity and is the perfect choice for confined and narrow spaces.

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Far ahead of the competition
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1 . Low noise and zero emissions

Unlock new opportunities for your business with the Volvo L20 Electric. The low noise level means you can work outside of standard hours and in noise sensitive environments. With zero-tailpipe emissions, it is also possible to work in low-carbon areas and indoor environments without the need for costly fume extraction systems.

2 . World class Volvo Cab

Experience all the industry-leading features you would expect from the world-class Volvo cab including wide entry, outstanding visibility and superior comfort levels. This is further enhanced by the significant reduction in noise, vibration and heat, as well as no exhaust fumes which the electric machine provides. The result is a cleaner and quieter jobsite, improving working conditions and communication for all jobsite staff.

3 . Electrifying performance

The Volvo L20 Electric delivers all the performance you would expect from a wheel loader in this size class, but with less noise and zero-emissions. The Parallel linkage makes it especially suited to pallet handling and fork applications, offering 100% parallel movements for unrivalled stability of the load and unobstructed forwards visibility. Rigid planetary axles with 100% differential locks offer maximum traction and minimal tire wear, complemented by the articulating-oscillating joint for the best off-road capability and stability.

4 . Flexible charging solutions

The Volvo L20 Electric comes with an integrated on-board charger which supplies a 6 kW power output to the batteries, allowing the machine to charge from 0 to 100% in under 6 hours. It comes with the necessary charging cable, plug and adapters to charge from a wall socket or wallbox. When projects and applications demand faster charging, a range of optional fast off-board chargers are available for both indoor and outdoor use. These will charge the machine from 0 to 100% in less than 2 hours.

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