Tracked Pavers

P2820D ABG

Basic width
1.74 m
Engine power
55.0 kW
Paving output
300 t/h

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One machine, multiple solutions

The most compact paver in the Volvo line up, the new generation Volvo P2820D ABG has been designed to deliver maximum versatility in small-to-medium paving applications. Packed with all the industry leading features of its larger counterparts, the P2820D ABG is a talented all-round performer, whether you are working in the inner-city, accessing narrow jobsites or complete patching work. Count on the P2820D ABG for ease of operation, maximum uptime and outstanding paving results.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo P2820D ABG

Low noise and low emissions make the P2820D ABG the perfect choice when working in inner-city environments. Respecting the local environment is key when working in built-up areas and the low-noise screed contributes to an impressively quiet operation. When it comes to air quality, the efficient 55kW engine delivers low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions.

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1 . Unrivalled versatility

Go where other pavers cannot with the new generation P2820D ABG tracked paver. The most compact paver in the Volvo line-up, this machine is equipped with all the industry leading features of its larger counterparts but designed to deliver unrivalled versatility in small-to-medium paving applications.

2 . Tailor-made comfort

For a truly personal level of comfort, operators can customise their working position and switch from sitting to standing within seconds. The control panel is capable of sliding across to both sides of the paver as a complete unit, and tiltable 30-degrees in all directions.

3 . Have it your way

The newly designed screed console can be tilted and rotated in any direction, allowing the operator to easily position it according to the requirements of the jobsite and their personal preferences. The new button layout is further optimised for greater convenience and ease of operation.

4 . Efficiency at work

Pave for longer without needing to stop for refueling. The efficient Volvo engine and perfectly matched hydraulics deliver the same best-in-class drive system you would expect from the larger Volvo ABG pavers.

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