Soil compactors


Operating weight
16,691 kg
Engine power
110 kW
Centrifugal force
249/291 kN

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High-performance compaction

The Volvo SD160B soil compactor adapts to your application and jobsite to provide maximum versatility and performance. This machine is built with a perfectly optimised Volvo Stage V engine that delivers high torque at low rpm for superior performance and low fuel consumption.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo SD160B

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1 . Frequency and amplitude choices

Easily adjust the vibration frequency from the operator console to compensate for changing soil types and conditions. Two frequency settings are standard and for even greater versatility, five frequency option is available. High and low amplitudes can also be selected.

2 . Eco mode

ECO mode is now standard and always on by default. It adjusts the engine speed to match the operation mode and achieves up to a 40% reduction in fuel consumption.

3 . HVAC system

The cab is equipped with industry-leading climate control to ensure a comfortable environment inside the cab, whether heating or air conditioning is required. High air intake and positive cabin pressure helps to reduce dust from entering the cab.HVAC system

4 . Heavy-duty

The heavy-duty drum, centre joint and front frame components are designed and manufactured with durability in mind. The thick steel drum shell is engineered for longevity and performance. Frames are robotically welded and built from high quality steel with precise and consistent welds guaranteeing a strong structure.

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