Bryan Contractors take first Unicontrol machine control system from SMT GB

Built around the core principles of accuracy, user friendliness and versatility, Unicontrol3D represents a reliable and simple solution for operators of all levels of familiarity with machine control systems.

Bryan Contractors' new Unicontrol3D system is fitted to a Volvo EC140E excavator.

With a keen interest in finding smarter ways to work, and ensuring that the full capabilities of both fleet and operators are harnessed, Bryan Contractors has taken the first Unicontrol3D machine control system supplied by SMT GB.

Fitted to a Volvo EC140E excavator equipped with a Steelwrist tiltrotator, the Unicontrol3D system has greatly enhanced the autonomy and versatility of Bryan Contractors operators, who are currently working on a civil engineering project near Dundee. 

Operator Mark Anderson is impressed with how much time and effort the Unicontrol3D system saves him.

Commenting on the system, plant operator Mark Anderson states: “You need to get an image in your head of what the site will look like, and what the first task that you can undertake will be. Normally, it’s taking everything down to grade, which the Unicontrol system makes so much easier. 
Continuing, Mark adds: You’re checking your datum and heights just to make sure everything’s right, and you’re walking around with a laser for maybe half a day, but as soon as you turn the system on, you’ve got your datum and you’re away – it’s unbelievable how much time it saves.” 

Bryan Contracting's new Unicontrol3D system is currently boosting productivity on a civil engineering project near Dundee.

Describing the need for companies to adopt machine control systems, SMT GB product manager John Lawrence explains: While there is no one solution to the challenges the construction industry currently faces, making use of a cost-effective and easy-to-use 3D machine control system will certainly alleviate some of the pressure that companies are facing.”  
Continuing, John adds: “Unicontrol3D provides exactly what the industry has been looking for – a simple and user-friendly 3D machine control solution. Its adaptability is key to what makes a great product, with Unicontrol providing full support throughout the fleet, regardless of machine type or manufacturer. 
When asked about the set up process of the system, Mark explains: “With John’s help, we went through the basics. For the first job, I was to setting batons out and grading on the 2D system and used it throughout that job. Now we’ve got the 3D system, and it’s crazy how much time we’re saving.” 

The Unicontrol3D interface is simple and intuitive to use.

Designed to be retrofitted to machines, the system represents a retainable investment for customers, as one of the key advantages of the Unicontrol3D machine control system over other competing systems is its versatility, as it is not tied to any one machine within a customer’s fleet, and is designed to be interchangeable.

Customers using the Unicontrol system can digitally create an entire project, and assign specific machines fitted with Unicontrol3D from their fleet to the project. Additionally, Unicontrol also provides insight data from the machines working on the project and, if required, even allow for a customer to make adjustments to the project as it progresses. 

Moreover, Unicontrol3D is the only system on the market that provides full support of the swing boom, helping to guarantee the best functionality and flexibility for smaller excavators. Unicontrol3D helps to save time and resources by delivering exact data for excavation, making machine control simple.

Based in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Bryan Contractors is a family run business with over 50 years’ experience in agricultural, commercial and domestic operated plant hire. Today, the company specialises in all aspects of demolition, drainage, groundworks, renewables and road construction. 


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