Efficient support ensures continued business with Hogan Group

Product reliability coupled with consistent and efficient aftersales support has led to the North Wales based Hogan Group replacing an existing Volvo L70 for its Asphalt plant and, for the first time, adding two new Volvo A30G articulated haulers for its quarrying operations on Anglesey.

“We’ve run Volvo loading shovels for many years at our asphalt plant here in Bangor,” comments Production Director Jamie Hogan. “The machines have proved to be very reliable. But of equal importance is the fact that Volvo and SMT have provided consistent and efficient aftersales support for many years, which is vital for our 24 hour, 7 day week operation. The L70H is the optimal sized loading shovel for our plants, which produce asphalt and concrete products” he continues. “In addition, the new loading shovel is proving to be very fuel efficient, thanks to the engine’s maximum torque being reached at low rpm.”

The Volvo L70H benefits from a Volvo designed and purpose-built powertrain, which includes the latest 6-litre Stage V 173hp Volvo engine, transmission and axles. Hogan Group have also opted for an optional boom suspension for their new L70H. The benefit of this is that it gives the operator a smooth ride, whilst ensuring full bucket loads are maintained with minimal spillage.

At the business end of the loading shovel, the L70H is fitted with a 2.3m³ heavy duty, general-purpose bucket to handle the variety of materials destined for the batching plant. Thanks to the hydraulic attachment bracket, the machine can easily alternate between bucket and loading forks to handle palletised material on-site.

For the first time, the Hogan Group has also opted to purchase Volvo articulated haulers, with two A30Gs’ going to work at the company’s aggregates division, which is located on Anglesey at Gwyndy Quarry. “Opting for the Volvo brand was a significant investment,” continues Jamie Hogan. “SMT came up with a strong commercial package following a successful demonstration of the A30G, whereby we had the chance to evaluate this machine’s productivity, cycle times and not least, operator acceptance. When we looked at all the factors, particularly the lifetime running costs of the truck, opting for the Volvo brand made perfect sense.”

Both A30Gs’ are powered by Volvo’s six-cylinder V-ACT diesel engines, which generate 264Kw and comply with all Stage V final emissions legislation. Representing some of the latest innovations in Volvo engine design, high torque is delivered at low engine speeds, resulting in excellent fuel efficiency, high performance, quicker engine response, less wear and a long service life.

The efficiency of the V-ACT engine is further improved by being perfectly matched to a purpose-built Volvo drivetrain, which ensures that all available power and torque is put to the best use possible, even in tough working conditions. Furthermore, a fast and adaptive fully automatic transmission and torque converter, with built in lock-up function, serve to further increase the high fuel efficiency delivered by both A30G articulated haulers.

With a carrying capacity of 28 tonnes, both trucks have been supplied with full cantilever tailgates and 200mm side extensions, giving a maximum-heaped capacity of 18.4m³. One truck, which is deployed as the prime mover from the face to the crusher, has had optional Hardox 450 wear plates installed to combat the impact and wear from the highly abrasive nature of the granite being quarried at Gwyndy. The second A30G is deployed around the stockyard, rehandling a variety of crushed material. Additional spill plates have been added at the front of the skips, to prevent any possible damage to the cab and hitch areas of the trucks.

Both the L70H and the two A30G articulated haulers have been supplied with the Level 3 OPTIMISE support package whereby SMT takes care of all repairs and maintenance. This provides peace of mind by ensuring that, as well as all of the scheduled maintenance, any repairs that are required will also be covered by one easy fixed rate fee. As part of this package, The Hogan Group can also send up to 6 Operators on a days’ training on SMT GB’s in-house simulators, so that they can refine their skills and knowledge while also further improving the Total Cost of Ownership.

Established in 1964, The Hogan Group is a family-run business which provide a comprehensive range of asphalt products, paving solutions, aggregates and concrete throughout the whole of North Wales and beyond.

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