Gorrel Equipment Solutions continues commitment to Volvo with an order for 42 more wheeled loaders

With a keen interest in providing their plant hire customers with the best machines available, Gorrel Equipment Solutions has recently taken delivery of a range of new Volvo wheeled loaders, varying in size from 8 to 34 tonnes in operating weight.

Ordered as part of both a fleet renewal and expansion programme, the new deliveries include: 3 L45Hs, 4 L90Hs, 8 L90H LBs, 5 L110Hs, 13 L110H LBs, 4 L120Hs, an L120H LB, 3 L150Hs and a L180H High Lift. With this latest order, two thirds of the Gorrel Equipment Solutions fleet is now composed of Volvo machines.

Commenting on the new order, General Manager Nigel Chilcott states: “It works well for us in the hire industry to have a premium brand product. It gives us the reliability we need, and the backup is great. We also get the residual value at the end of the machine’s life, so it all works well for us.”

To meet the high level of versatility and adaptability required by its plant hire customers, Gorrel Equipment Solutions have opted to fit quick couplers to all of the new machines. The inclusion of this optional extra ensures that switching between the wide array of attachments offered alongside the new machines is as fast and straightforward as possible.

The machines have also been equipped with automatic reversible engine fans, which prevent dust and debris from damaging the machines’ air intake systems, enabling the machines to be used in waste handling applications with the minimum of downtime.

Additional features fitted to the new machines as standard include the latest generation of OptiShift, which improves fuel efficiency by up to 20%, as well as the Volvo Eco pedal, which encourages the operator to run the machines at their optimum rpm in the engine’s torque curve, thus further enhancing fuel savings while reducing wear.

With mitigating environmental harm a key consideration for Gorrel Equipment Solutions and their clients, all of the new machines are powered by Volvo’s latest Stage V engines. The new machines also all benefit from Volvo designed and manufactured driveline components, providing considerable further fuel savings with each shift.

The new wheeled loaders come fitted with CareTrack as standard, which is Volvo’s telematics system that enables remote monitoring of machine functions, such as location, fuel consumption and service reminders. In addition, Gorrel Equipment Solutions have opted for a bespoke service agreement, ensuring that their maintenance staff use only genuine Volvo parts and oils, maximising uptime while reducing unnecessary waste.

Gorrel was established in 1985, and has been part of the Walters Group since 2011. Bristol-based Gorrel Equipment Solutions is one of the largest plant rental companies in the UK. Specialising in providing customers with bespoke and flexible nationwide plant hire services, the company’s diverse range of equipment supports a wide variety of industries, including: construction, civil engineering, quarrying and aggregates, timber, ports, waste and recycling.

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