A second Volvo L70H for James Bolton Agricultural Contracting

James Bolton Agricultural Contracting Ltd of Glastonbury, Somerset, has purchased another bespoke Volvo L70H for its agricultural contracting business.

Equipped with agricultural wheels and tyres, single lever hydraulic control and CDC (comfort drive control), the fourteen tonne L70H is the second such machine to be purchased by Proprietor James Bolton, having been suitably impressed with the original machine he bought in 2019.

The Volvo L70H benefits from a Volvo designed and purpose built powertrain, including the latest Stage V 6 litre 173hp engine, transmission and axles. The machine also benefits from energy efficient devices, such as the Volvo Eco pedal which encourages the operator to run the machine at its optimum rpm in the engine’s torque curve. The machine supplied to James Bolton sports additional optional features, including third and fourth line hydraulics, Turbo II pre cleaner, a Groenveld autolube system and extra LED working lights. A reversible fan also ensures the engine’s cooling components are kept free of dust and debris, while an optional boom suspension feature makes for smooth driving on public highways.

The most striking feature of the new resident loading shovel is the large Michelin 750/65 Mega X Bib wheel and tyre assemblies. These optimise the operating characteristics of the machine, to ensure that it is ideally suited to the typical applications James Bolton undertakes around an approximate 30-mile radius of Glastonbury.

“The L70H is extremely operator friendly,” says James. “It’s very well balanced too, and the boom suspension option makes it very stable and controllable when travelling on the roads from site to site. In addition, it gives an impressive performance when we’re building silage clamps – it has plenty of pushing power and sufficient load over height to easily handle high sided bulkers with its high tip bucket.”

The new L70H is being used on a whole range of duties thanks to the versatility of the hydraulic attachment bracket and the optional third and fourth hydraulic services. For instance, it can load a variety of aggregates with its high tip bucket, work on silage clamps with a hydraulically extendable fork or load trailers with straw bales.

James Bolton Agricultural Contracting Ltd was established twenty-five years ago by Proprietor James Bolton. The company undertakes the full spectrum of agricultural contracting services for the farming communities around the Glastonbury and central Somerset area. The company also carries out contract crushing and screening for farm and agricultural developments.

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