Volvo P6870D ABG: Making paving easy

Experience the ultimate in paving versatility with the P6870D ABG, combining compact design, outstanding traction and features designed for simple operation and upkeep.

A versatile performer

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has worked on improving ease of operation and versatility of their wheeled pavers and the P6870D ABG is the perfect example. This paver can achieve ultimate results across a range of applications – be it small housing estates or highway projects.

Volvo CE pavers have excellent traction for sure-footed and precise operation no matter the conditions — and the P6870D ABG is no exception. With a three-point balance to stabilize the tractor platform, the paver’s unique hydraulic self-leveling suspension system ensures that traction is maximized— even when the terrain isn’t. The Volvo drive system aids smooth paving by ensuring high tractive force. Available as 6×6 or 6×4, the large front wheels deliver high drive force, while the load dependent torque control system adjusts power between the front drive wheels to prevent wheel spin.

The Volvo wheeled paver is also equipped with three drive modes: paving, shunting and transport. Shunting mode is ideal for maneuvering, loading, and unloading. In this mode, paving functions are deactivated and the machine can turn with a 2.5m inner radius. In transport mode, full travel speed – of 20km/h – is initiated for quick relocation, and automatic idle occurs when the paver is not in motion. The compact dimensions of the P6870D ABG also make it easy to transport between job sites. Supporting all three drive modes is a premium Volvo engine that combines high torque and low RPM, while automatically matching engine output to jobsite requirements; This dramatically reduces noise levels and slashes fuel consumption by up to 30%.

Paving made safe and easy

Volvo CE has put the control in the operator’s hands by creating easy to use features like the Electronic Paver Management (EPM3) system. The EPM3 system’s control buttons are consolidated and arranged in a bird’s-eye view layout to guide the operator intuitively through individual working functions. Using the jog wheel, operators can quickly select and adjust functions for greater machine control and optimum efficiency. Within the EPM3 system, there is the Settings Manager feature to simplify machine set up so that the operator can get straight to work. This feature allows operators to store customized settings and recalls saved parameters for similar paving jobs, ensuring consistent paving quality from job to job. Fine-tuning can be made to these saved parameters to optimize performance and productivity.

The spacious, comfortable and ergonomically designed operator environment gives the operator a commanding view of the entire paving process, with a direct view into the hopper and auger and a clear view of the work area. The flat engine hood design also enables operators to check material supply and flow at a glance, while visibility is further enhanced glazed areas to both sides of the platform, near-field mirrors and adjustable seats that can be extended beyond the outer edge of the paver. Operators comfort is also a main priority and the P6870D ABG has been designed to have low noise levels, all-weather roof with sliding extensions, as well as footrests and armrests, warm air outlet, cup holder and USB charger connection. Operator convenience is further enhanced by the home light functionality which illuminates the platform for three minutes after main switch is switched on and after the ignition is switched off. Hopper lock handle can now be accessed directly from the platform, even when a windshield is installed.

And to make life easier at screed level too, screed operators can rely on the optional Pave Assist. Powered by Volvo Co-Pilot, Pave Assist provides a powerful set of digital tools, including Material Manager, Thermal Profiling and Weather View, which are designed to help enhance mat quality and document the paving process.

Unlocking the power of your paver

With a paving width up to 9 meters, the P6870D ABG can be equipped with a range of screeds capable of handling a wide variety of jobsites and materials. Volvo Variomatic screeds have eight guide tubes, four on each hydraulic extension, which along with the optional screed tensioning device contribute to a consistent and uniformly compacted smooth surface.

In terms of operation, VB79 screed and VB78 screeds will operate the same jobsite but VB79 screeds will have greater potential when special crown profiles or specific draining requirements are required. The extendable screeds feature two additional articulated sections and are adjustable upwards or downwards by 10% (5.7 degrees), creating the possibility to pave irregular profiles with greater ease, less material use and at lower costs.

Screed extensions are swiftly and safely attached or removed, and with no special tools required, thanks to Volvo’s unique quick coupling system. This means change over only takes 55 minutes.

What’s more, with the optional hydraulic end gate control – integrated into the screed panel, screed operators can say goodbye to manual screed adjustment. The result is reduced effort and a clean side finish.

Keep on paving

Having a versatile and easy-to-operate machine is all very well but it has to also be reliable. Unplanned downtime can cost a fleet manager more than 450 Euros a day per machine. Volvo CE recognizes this issue which is why the P6870D ABG is equipped with smart maintenance systems, so it’s easy to keep the paver up and running.

The P6870D ABG sees improvements when it comes to uptime and efficiency, one of the key advancements is the 13t hopper and a fuel tank capacity which provides 10 hours of constant paving. In addition to this there is also a fuel theft prevention system and Volvo CE offers a range of lighting kits, so you can see and do more in low-light conditions.

Volvo CE has also made it physically easy to access essential checkpoints on the P6870D ABG, resulting in quicker and safer service routines. Central lubrication points and key servicing points are easily located on top of the platform, while the fuel tank, emulsion tank and AdBlue filler neck can be accessed from ground level. To facilitate management and maintenance across an entire fleet of machines, a single key enables the switching on of every ignition and the unlocking every service hatch.

Customers can also automate servicing requirements and maximize machine uptime with the Service Interval Manager – a dedicated display on the EPM3 control panel that alerts the operator to required or scheduled maintenance, which is recorded on the system and retained in the service history record.

When it comes to replacing parts, Care Kit is here to help customers to save time, lower costs and access the latest technical improvements. Care Kit eliminates the guesswork of which parts need replacing by having them all in one kit. Although seemingly costly to replace parts that don’t “need” replacing it can be an essential part of good upkeep. Replacing only major or visibly worn parts and not those around them can put stress on the replaced parts.

Finally, customers have the ability to enable CareTrack telematics system on the P6870D ABG. CareTrack allows site managers to stay ahead of unscheduled downtime and ensure the paver is being operated efficiently. Reports on machine location, usage, productivity, fuel consumption, and health can be remotely accessed – helping to identify what areas need to be improved to optimize the operation.

Versatility, ease of operation and reliability are the key features of this new P6870D ABG wheeled paver which is available for purchase in the following regions EMEA, APAC, Latin America.