Level 1

Connect to SMT GB and to your machine so that we can manage your servicing parts requirements for you and provide you with genuine Volvo parts at the right time.

Benefit from access to our highly qualified engineers only when you need them as well as from the peace of mind knowing that once a year we will come to you to carry out a visual health check of your machine and to ensure all of its software is up to date and performing at its best.

When you purchase an L1 CONNECT agreement we will:

  • Plan and dispatch your filter kits for you whenever a service is due so you don’t have to. By using the hours from your connected machine we can ensure your parts arrive on time, allowing you to keep your servicing up to date yourself without having to hold part stocks any longer than necessary.
  • Provide regular contact with our service team so you can easily request additional support – but only as and when you need.
  • Send one of our highly trained engineers to visit your machine every 12 months so they can carry out all software updates and perform a visual machine check, ensuring your equipment is performing at its best.

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