Unicontrol Cloud

Improve co-ordination, optimise productivity and reduce downtime.

UnicontrolCloud is a platform that gives you centralised control over your construction site.

You can send design files from your office directly to the machine before you on-site, so you don’t have to go between machines to transfer data, saving you time and effort. Machine operators and surveyors can upload project data, points/lines and as-built documentation from their machine or rover. Everyone with access to the cloud is connected to each other and can improve productivity with great teamwork.

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Diagnose Problems and Reduce Downtime

With UnicontrolCloud, we gets a complete overview of the health of your machines. The system offers diagnostics and ongoing health checks on all operating machines in your fleet, ensuring minimal downtime during breakdowns.  

Over-the-air support is easier than ever. Our support team can access diagnostic data from your machine and help resolve the issue remotely. Fast support lets you get back to work in no time.

Easy Co-operation With Infrakit

Do your machines use different machine control systems? No problem. UnicontrolCloud supports Infrakit; a platform that allows machine operators to collaborate with each other, regardless of the machine control software they use.  

With the rapid exchange of data and information, you improve the efficiency and quality of work. No more paper waste, walking between machines and downtime waiting for the necessary data to continue the job. You can download design files from Infrakit and send as-built documentation and machine localisation to Infrakit automatically.

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