Volvo Grease

The protection to perform

Regular greasing of your construction equipment is one of the easiest and most effective methods of keeping your machinery in top condition. Whatever your application, whatever your working conditions, Volvo has developed a comprehensive grease range to meet your needs, helping to keep your machine working at its best – for longer.

The Importance of Grease

Your machine requires effective greasing for a number of important reasons. The primary function of grease is to lubricate the moving parts within your machine, reducing friction and wear. Furthermore, grease protects the machine from contamination, rust, and corrosion, and helps to reduce leakage.

Why Choose Volvo Grease?

Volvo recognises the importance of high-quality grease, and their range of greases have been developed and tested to meet the specific needs of your machines and the applications they work in.

  • Optimise machine performance, minimise downtime, and extend the life of your machine
  • Specifically designed to meet the greasing requirements of Volvo machines
  • Fully tested according to the highest quality standards
  • Protect against contamination, corrosion, oxidation, and rust
  • Provide protection at high temperatures and in heavy-loading applications
  • Reduce the risk of water washout
  • The best choice for your Volvo machine and application

Choose the right grease for the job

It is important to choose the right grease for the conditions. Whatever application you are working in, Volvo has a grease to suit your needs. If you are working in a wet environment, choose a grease that does not wash off as quickly and that will protect against rust. If you are working in heavy load applications, such as rock handling, choose a grease that is resistant to extreme pressure and which will not be squeezed out.

You will find more information on what grease to use and recommended greasing intervals for each particular machine in the operator’s manual. This information can also be found on the diagram of each machine.

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