Volvo Lubricants

Guarantee optimum performance and uptime for your Volvo machine.

The best choice for your Volvo

  • Developed by Volvo, for Volvo
  • Extensively tested
  • Extended drain
  • Optimum intervals
  • Increased engine life
  • Greater protection
  • Lower cost of ownership

Engine Oil

It is vital that you choose the right oil for your machine and application. Volvo Engine Oil is developed specifically for the diesel engine in your Volvo machine and delivers:

  • Lower oil and fuel consumption due to low friction
  • Outstanding cleaning characteristics
  • Minimal engine wear and longer service life
  • Excellent protection against corrosion and rust.

Hydraulic Oil

Volvo Hydraulic Oils are approved for use in Volvo machinery and with a high viscosity index, they can take on the challenges of extreme heat and severe cold. They also possess oxidative stability as well as anti-wear, rust, and corrosion protection.

Transmission Oil

Developed by Volvo, for Volvo machines – count on Volvo Transmission Oils to maximise reliability, service life and performance.

Axle Oil

Volvo Axle Oils are formulated from high-performance base oils and advanced additives. They provide excellent chemical and thermal stability, good performance at low temperatures, and good rust protection from wet environments.

Wet Brake Oil

With a number of key uses – including cooling the brake system, lubricating the reduction gears, generating the correct friction profile characteristics during braking, and minimizing drag losses – this is a lubricant designed to work as hard as your Volvo machine.

Other Genuine Volvo Maintenance Parts